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The busiest and most exciting day of Ukrainian Week is Thursday, the day of the concert. The Ukrainian concert is the most important event of the week, and the culmination of many hours of practice and preparation. It involves all the staff and students of  IHMS, as well as hundreds of visitors to the school,


A few of the younger students at the Ukrainian ConcertT


On Thursday, March 21, 2019, the K-8 students of IHMS gave two excellent performances of “Let’s Sing the Song of the Nighingale.


The format was very similar to last December’s Christmas concerts, a dress rehearsal at 1:30 in the afternoon and a second main performance at 7:00 in the evening. Since most parents came that evening, the matinee performance was an excellent way for the students to tighten up their act while performing in front of a smaller live audience.


A few photos of the students singing on the bleachers


“Let’s Sing the Song of the Nighingale didn’t have a storyline that progresses from beginning to end like many of the school’s previous concerts. But it did have a lot of singing.


 Click here for additional Ukrainian concert photos 


Thank you to our Ukrainian/Music teacher, Mrs. Stanowych, who wrote the narrative script for the concert, prepared the students for all the songs, and directed the concert! This was a lot of work and involved weeks of rehearsals to make sure everything was just perfect.


Mrs. Stanowych, the school’s Ukrainian/Music teacher during the concert


Thank you also to the rest of the IHMS staff for their various contributions to the concert. A lot of hard work and effort went into its preparation, but it was well worth it. The audience seemed to enjoy themselves, and “Let’s Sing the Song of the Nighingale appeared to have been a great success!


Professionally filmed DVD’s of “Let’s Sing the Song of the Nighingale will be available for purchase through the school office. lightsw3




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