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The music and performing arts program at IHMS goes far beyond the expert classroom instruction in various instruments like guitars and recorders. Students learn individual voice and choral singing techniques that eventually prepares them to participate in two major annual performances. The Christmas Concert is a musical play where students sing, dance and act under the direction of a very talented specialist. This event is actually two events – one for the kindergarten to grade three students and another for the grade four to eights held on separate days with Matinee and evening performances in English.

The Ukrainian concert is the most important event of Ukrainian week and is usually held towards the end of March. It is the culmination of many hours of practice and preparation involving all the staff and students of IHMS, as well as hundreds of visitors to the school. This performance features the Ukrainian culture at its finest and is performed almost entirely in Ukrainian.

Click HERE to see highlights of our 2005 to 2011 Ukrainian Concerts.

Click HERE to see highlights of our 2011 to 2012 Ukrainian Concerts.

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