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As times change, so do the apps and websites we use. Below is a current listing of the apps, websites, and services we use to provide a unique digital experience for our students.

All of the technology available to our students run on the latest versions of macOS and iPadOS (Operating Systems).

As a part of the virtual classroom environment, the Kindergartens – Grade 3’s use SeeSaw to post assignments and communicate with parents and students. The Grade 4-8’s use Google Classroom, and the entire Google Education Suite of tools to support their learning.

Each grade uses websites and apps to enhance their learning experience beyond what Apple has bundled on the iMacs and iPads. Below is a list of apps and websites used in each grade:

Kindergarten – ABC Kids, Epic!, GoNoodle!, IXL, Sight Words, Wet-Dry-Try Handwriting, Writing Wizard, YouTube Kids

Grade 1 – Epic!, Google Chrome, IXL, Prodigy, Sight Words, YouTube Kids

Grade 2 – Google Chrome, IXL

Grade 3 – Google Chrome, IXL, Kahoot!, Mathletics, Prodigy, Starfall

Grade 4 – Bookcreator, Energy Diet, IXL, Minecraft Education Edition, Pixton, Youtube

Grade 5 – App & Website list coming soon

Grade 6 – 2048, Absurdle, Flipgrid, Kahoot!, Khan Academy, IXL, Jamboard, Mathigon, Nerdle, Prodigy, Wordle, Youtube

Grade 7 – App & Website list coming soon

Grade 8 – Blooket, Flipgrid, IXL, Jamboard, Kahoot!, Menti, New York Times, Wordle, Youtube

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