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Mobility is a high priority when it comes to technology. Technology in the classroom adds another dimension to classwork and transforms any area into a digital learning space. Since the introduction of our lower-level iPad Cart in the fall of 2020, and our upper-level iPad cart in the spring of 2021, classroom paper use has declined. Doing better for our planet while allowing our students to access their work from anywhere, using a variety of platforms, has made learning more convenient and greener than before.

The Lower-Level iPad Cart is made up of 6 iPad 6th Generation (32GB) models and 22 iPad 8th Generation (32GB) models complete with rugged break-resistant cases to make sure the iPads remain safe in younger hands.

iPad 8th Generation (Upper-Level iPad Cart)

The Upper-Level iPad cart is made up of 28 iPad 8th Generation (32GB) models and is complete with a keyboard case to enhance the older grade’s typing capabilities.

Using these iPad Carts, students have the ability to be more creative in class. Our digital classrooms powered by iPad include fun activities such as Minecraft Education Edition, Kahoot!, SeeSaw, GoNoodle!, and more.

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