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Mission Statement

Immaculate Heart of Mary School provides an educational environment which allows for academic, spiritual, cultural, social, physical, and emotional growth. Gospel values are integrated into the school program in order to promote Ukrainian Catholic, Christian values in everyday life. Emphasis is placed on the development of affirmation, positive self-concept, human dignity, and respect for self and all of God’s creations.


 What is Immaculate Heart of Mary School?

Immaculate Heart of Mary School, formerly St. Nicholas School, is a Ukrainian Catholic School situated at 650 Flora Avenue, North Winnipeg. This school had its beginnings in 1905, and by 1906 it moved into the basement of St. Nicholas Church. Then, in 1911, Archbishop Langevin, Archbishop of St. Boniface, supplied the funds for a new building. Through the years that followed, St. Nicholas School served the Ukrainian people. On April 28th, 1963 the present school was officially opened and the name was changed from “St. Nicholas” to “Immaculate Heart of Mary” with the hope of making it less parochial and more city wide. 

What Do We Offer?


  • Grades: Junior kindergarten (Sadochok) to Grade 8. Click here for information about Sadochok.
  • Before School and After School Child Care Program offered.
  • A curriculum in accordance with the regulations set out by the Department of Education and Training, Province of Manitoba.
  • There is special concern for Ukrainian cultural and religious development in song, Liturgy, language, and dance.
  • The school features an active sports and physical education program. The students participate in interscholastic basketball, volleyball, badminton, and track and field on a local level.
  • Computer classes for Kindergarten to Grade 8 offer “hands on” experience and high speed internet access.
  • The Music program is enhanced with the use of guitars, recorders, and Orff instruments. Students also have the opportunity to participate in choral groups.
  • A tutorial resource / enrichment program is available.
  • Daily instruction in catechism and a Christian atmosphere which reinforces your teaching at home and which permeates the whole day.
  • Highly experienced and dedicated teaching staff.
  • The School is administered by the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate. Staff includes religious and lay teachers.

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