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Ms. Ebenezer, the teacher who “lost her spark”, examines her list of classroom rules. Some of the rules listed include “No Eating”, “No Smiling”, “No Questioning”, and even “No Breathing”!




On Tuesday, December 20, 2016 the K-3 students of IHMS performed a Christmas musical fantasy entitled Humbug!” to an appreciative concert audience.


The students performed the play twice that day in front of an audience:

  1. A matinee performance at 1:30 p.m.
  2. An evening performance at 7:00 p.m


Parents and relatives unable to attend the evening show were happy for the opportunity to attend the matinee performance, which was identical to the evening show but a lot less crowded. Both concerts took place in the school gymnasium, which had been set up with a large stage, bleachers, and professional lighting and sound equipment.


As is the case with all K-3 concerts, “Humbug!” was a musical play. The underlying story of the play is based on the famous Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol. coloredmasks3


Students singing in a few of the play’s musical numbers






Humbug! is the story of a grumpy teacher, Ms. Ebenezer. Ms. Ebenezer has lost her spark. She is cranky and tired. During the play, Ms. Ebenezer is visited by 3 people – the custodian, the gym teacher and the music teacher. These 3 people help Ms. Ebenezer visit her past, present and future. Can the 3 visitors help Ms. Ebenezer find the joy of teaching again? Will Miss Ebenezer be able to find the meaning of Christmas day? All these questions and more are answered in the Kindergarten to Grade 3 Christmas production of Humbug!
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Rylyn Rewniak ………….. Miss Ebenezer
Hayden Kemp …………..  Bobby Cratchit
 Evin Clark …………..  Mr. Marley
 Madelyn Yaciuk …………..  Mrs. Fezziwig
Viana Caetano …………..  Mrs. Fezziwig
Jordan Szutiak …………..  Coach Copperfield
Dailia Martin …………..  Ms. Nickleby



A few of the students in Ms. Ebenezer’s class


One thing that makes this version unique is its setting – an elementary classroom. Instead of Scrooge, we are greeted by Ms. Ebenezer, the grumpiest teacher in the school, who lost her spark long ago. With the help of three of her colleagues at the school, Ms. Ebenezer will get a chance to regain her spark. A more detailed plot synopsis for “Humbug!” is given below.




In the opening scene, a teacher, Ms. Ebenezer is with her class just before the holidays. The classroom does not have any holiday decorations. A student walks sheepishly to Ms. Ebenezer’s desk and offers her a homemade scarf. Ms. Ebenezer rejects the gift and tells her that she doesn’t need it – she likes the winter chill. A second student then offers her an apple, which she also rejects – sweet and juicy fruit make her lose her appetite.


When the students leave for lunch, Ms. Ebenezer tells them they will be reading the dictionary when they get back.


One of the students, Bonnie, offers to stay behind to do some work, but Ms. Ebenezer tells her to go on to lunch because she needs the time to think of ways to give out more homework.


While Ms. Ebenezer is deciding how much homework she can give to spoil her students’ holidays, she receives a visit from Mr. Marley, the school’s custodian. Mr. Marley tells Ms. Ebenezer that she needs to change her grumpy attitude, and that he is the first of three people sent to guide her on a quest. He then takes her back in time to when she was a child.


Ms. Ebenezer returns to her old childhood classroom and sees Mrs. Fezziwig, a teacher that she revered. Mrs. Fezziwig tells her students that they all have gifts and that she believes in them. Ms. Ebenezer notices herself as a little girl, and watches as Mrs. Fezziwig gives her a gift – a cherished book that a teacher gave her when she was her age. She also tells the young Ms. Ebenezer to never lose her spark!


Mr. Marley, the custodian, leads Ms. Ebenezer away and tells her that it’s not too late to change her ways. She then meets Coach Copperfield, the second guide in her quest.


Coach Copperfield takes Ms. Ebenezer to the lunchroom where she overhears some of her students talking about her. She is surprised to hear that one of her students, Bonnie Cratchit, still has faith in her. Coach Copperfield mentions that this may change in the future, and turns Ms. Ebenezer over to her last guide, Ms. Nickleby, the music teacher. Ms. Nickelby then takes her into the future to see how “what you do affects what you become”.


When they arrive in the future, Ms. Ebenezer notices that all of her students are disinterested and uninspired – their gifts were not cultivated when they were younger. She realizes that it was her fault for filling their minds with doubt rather than pride and confidence. Ms. Nickleby says that things don’t have to end up this way. Ms. Ebenezer is then returned back to her present class to get a second chance to change her ways.


When Ms. Ebenezer returns to her class, the first thing she says is “Humbug! – That’s a word that I will not use anymore.” She regained her spark, and changed her classroom from cold and dull to cozy and inviting.


The students put their books away to celebrate, and while leaving for the holidays, their mood was upbeat. Each school day after that was filled with great expectation.


After the rest of the class leaves, Bonnie stays behind to give Ms. Ebenezer a gift and to tell her that she hopes to someday become a teacher just like her. Ms. Ebenezer returns the favour by giving Bonnie the cherished book that her teacher (Mrs. Fezziwig) gave her when she was a child. Bonnie thanks her, and they open the book to look at the pictures of the story of Jesus’ birth!



The concert was a great success due to the hard work and dedication of a lot of people. Of course, the cast members spent a lot of time practising and memorizing their scripts. Remember, this is a big job for the cast members because they’re only in grades 1 to 3! Their dedication paid off, and they did a fantastic job!


Some of the colourful and interesting costumes worn by the student cast members of “Humbug!”


Also, a special “thank you” to all the teachers, especially the school’s music teacher, Mrs. Stanowych, who organized the concert and prepared the students for all the songs.




Production Crew

Mrs. O. Stanowych – Director
Mrs. K. Wallow – Cast Director
Sr. Anne Pidskalny – Kindergarten teacher
Mrs. J. Cambly – Grade 1 teacher
Miss S. Lutyj – Grade 2 teacher
Mrs.E. Halayda – Grade 3 teacher


Special thanks also goes to the concert’s cast director, Mrs. Walkow. For the past few weeks, both Mrs. Walkow and Mrs. Stanowych sacrificed many hours practising with the students and perfecting the script. It was because of them that the concert was such a great success! ihmscast


Although most of the play centres around the classroom and Ms. Ebenezer’s change of heart, it ends with a Nativity scene and the story of Jesus’ birth.



disco_spot_lyseblaa rspottop



The main characters of “Humbug!” assembled for the show’s finale


lights_rotate-w4 Professionally filmed DVD”s of “Humbug!” will be available for purchase through the school office in the new year. spotlight3





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