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The Holodomor Mobile Classroom was too large to enter through the back gates of the school’s playground, so it was parked in the parking lot of Sts. Vladimir and Olga Cathedral.


On Friday, May 5th, the second floor students (grades 4-8)  and all the staff of IHMS continued their education of the Holodomor by visiting an interactive learning space called the Holodomor Mobile Classroom. The HMC is a touring state-of-the-art custom made bus that travels throughout the country to engage and educate students and the public about the Holodomor. Since the HMC bus was too large for the school playground, it was set up in the parking lot of Sts. Vladimir and Olga Cathedral, a short walk away.


The presentation took place in front of twelve 4k monitors that spanned a total of 24 feet, almost the entire length of the interior of the bus.


Upon entering the HMC, the students sat in 3 rows of tiered seats facing a massive high resolution monitor. The monitor was extremely impressive – it extended across the entire opposite wall.


The HMC had a massive high resolution monitor that was 24 feet long!


After a short video (which was only shown to the junior-high students), the students participated in a very interactive presentation on the Holodomor.



Each student was then given an iPad and a series of questions to discuss in small groups. The questions and the group’s answers were displayed on the large monitor. One person from each group presented their answers to the rest of the class.


Grade 8 students working in groups and using iPads to answer discussion questions


Each group submitted their discussion answers to the large monitor. One person from the group presented the groups answer.


Students presenting their group answers to the rest of the class


The students really enjoyed visiting the HMC, and came away with a much better understanding of the Holodomor. It was a very unique way to present information to the students, and the technology used to do so was extremely impressive.


The grade 8 class posing in front of the Holodomor Mobile Classroom



  Click here to view a short video on the Holodomor Mobile Classroom



The Holodomor Mobile Classroom travels around the country to inform Canadians about the largely unknown genocide that happened in Ukraine during the 1930’s. The Holodomor (Ukrainian for “inflicted death by starvation”) was a brutal famine-genocide carried out in 1932-33 by the Soviet Union and led by Joseph Stalin. This man made famine resulted in the death of millions of Ukrainians.
The Holodomor Mobile Classroom was created by the Canada-Ukraine Foundation to provide learning activities and educational seminars to increase public awareness of this terrible event. The custom built bus can accommodate up to 33 people at a time, and features twelve 4k monitors that span the length of the interior, creating an entire wall of video. During a typical school visit, up to four classes at a time can participate in the HMC’s hour long interactive presentation.







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