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Although the grade 7 and 8 students of IHMS are busy adapting to new grades at the beginning of the school year, there???s still an important matter that needs to be settled as soon as possible. That???s right – student council elections! It???s during this time that the junior-high students hold their annual elections to select a new student council president and vice-president.

Students interested in a position of president or vice-president must first of all be nominated by their peers. Once nominated, they can begin their campaign.

Campaigning is short and takes place during the second week of school from Monday until Friday. The election, which takes place through a secret vote, is held at the end of the week. This year, the election was held on Friday, September 16th.


The student council consists of:

  • A president (selected from the grade 8 class)
  • A vice-president (selected from the grade 7 class)
  • Four or five other representatives (mostly selected from the grade 8 class and nominated by their peers – they are not elected.).

Every junior-high student is given the chance to cast two votes – one for president, and one for vice-president.

The duties of the student council are to plan Spirit Days (along with Ms. DePiero), to help out at special events, to represent the students at special functions, and to help with various fund-raising activities.

There were five people from grade 7 running for vice-president:

  1. Grace C.
  2. Illeana F.
  3. Breanna H.
  4. Michael P
  5. Darian P.

There were five people from grade 8 running for president:

  1. Julian F.
  2. Alex H.
  3. Adrianna K.
  4. Spencer K.
  5. Lukas S.

A few of these candidates spent a lot of time and effort making up posters, which were plastered everywhere on the upstairs hallway during the second week of school. Some of the posters were hastily made, while others were interesting and showed a lot of creativity.

On the day of the election, the five candidates for president – Julian F., Alex H., Adrianna K., Spencer K. and Lukas S., gave a short speech about what they planned to do if elected president.

The speeches took place in the upstairs landing in front of the rest of the junior-high students (in the past, the speeches were always done in the grade 8 classroom). The ability to present a speech is an important part of the selection process because the candidate who is elected president is obligated to give several speeches throughout the year at various special functions (such as the grade 8 graduation ceremony).


Immediately after the speeches, the junior-high students went back to their classes to vote. After careful tabulation, the results of the vote were:

The students who were selected to make up the rest of the student council:

  • Petro H. ( gr. 8 )
  • Alex K. ( gr. 8 )
  • Matthew P. ( gr. 8 )
  • Lukas S. ( gr. 8 )

Congratulations to our new student council president, Adrianna K, and to our new student council vice-president, Michael P.

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