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The following methods can be used for paying school fees (registration, tuition, Before / After School Program Fees, etc.):

  1. Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) – Fund transfers can be made online from your financial institution, direct to the Immaculate Heart of Mary School email .  Please note in the memo what the payment is regarding.
  2. Pre-authorized Credit Card Withdrawal – a Form is completed in the School Office for a pre-determined amount of school fees to be charged to a Visa or MasterCard credit card.
  3. Phone in Credit Card – phone the School Office and provide your credit card number to pay a school fee. 
  4. Send Cash or Cheque – send a cheque or cash with your child to deliver to the School Office.  Please email / phone the School Office to indicate your child will be delivering the cash / cheque, and the amount.
  5. Cash, Debit, Credit Card or Cheque In-person – make an appointment with the School Office to deliver the school payment in-person.

For more details about any of the above payment methods please contact the School Office

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