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Girls Competitive Team

Boys Competitive Team

Boys Developmental Team

Grade Six Girls

I had the pleasure of assisting Mr. Dedio with coaching the girls’ developmental basketball teams.  This included both the grade 5 and the grade 6 girls.   I enjoyed working with the girls, and helping them develop their skills. They all worked hard, but it was especially neat to watch the grade five girls who were new to the game.  The tournament was very exciting to watch as they put their skills into action  Way to go girls!  This was a great opportunity for me to learn more about the sport and I thank Mr. Dedio for his guidance.  Madame Laird

Grade Six Boys

The grade five and six boys’ basketball team have worked hard in preparation for the annual IHMS invitation tournament. This group of young men is hard working, enthusiastic, energetic and eager to improve their fundamentals and knowledge of the game.  They have shown great discipline and will undoubtedly have great success as they make the transition to the junior level. Congratulations on your early achievements, it???s been a pleasure to be your coach. See you next year. Coach Martin

Grade Five Girls

Grade Five Boys

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