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Congratulations to the Boys Competitive Volleyball Team that finished the regular season in fourth place out of 13 teams. The boys won their first two play off matches defeating the St. Charles Chargers and the Linden Christian Wings. In a tough semi final match the boys went up against the top ranked St. Emile Huskies. The Spirit won the first set but lost the second and third set.  In the St. Paul’s Tournament the boys were undefeated through round robin action and advanced all the way up to the championship game before being defeated. Lukas Skromeda was awarded a tournament all star.  Congratulations guys on a great season.  You each developed as volleyball players …. and you each developed as young gentlemen.  Super job! – Mr. Picklyk, Coach


The Girls Competitive Team had a great season. We had a very young team this year and had some growing pains. The girls participated at the St. Mary’s Outreach Tournament, where we finished fourth. IHMS completed the regular season with 3 wins and 5 losses. We entered the playoffs as the tenth seed and won our first playoff game, against St. Ignatius, to get in to the final eight. We then lost are second round match to Christ the King, but the girls then rallied to defeat St. Maurice and St. Alphonsus. We ended the season as Consolation Champions. The girls learned to play as a team and ended the season on a high. Great Job! – Mr. Dedio, Coach
The Boys Developmental Team had a great year. We started out undefeated for several games in a row. Our winning streak came to an end when we played St. Emile and Westgate Schools, but the matches were fairly close and were very exciting. The final tournament was at St. Alphonsus School where we played a round robin series of matches against St. Alphonsus, St. Emile and Our Lady of Victory schools. We did not win the tournament, but we did manage to win two games, one of which was against St. Emile, a team that beat us three games straight when we met them in the past. It was a wonderful experience watching the students develop their skills and grow in the game of volleyball and good sportsmanship. Great work team! – Mr. Crooks, Coach
I truly enjoyed being a part of the Girls’ Developmental Volleyball Team as their coach.  Our goals at the start of the season were; to work hard and try our best, to be supportive of each other on and off the court, and lastly, but most importantly, to have fun.  With these goals in mind we had a terrific season. I am proud to say that we had only one loss. While it was hard on the girls, I believe it was a good learning experience as well.  It helped to make them a little  stronger.  A couple of weeks ago, we culminated the season with a weekend tournament.  It was extremely exciting to watch the girls, to see how far they had come, not only individually but as a team. We were very fortunate and tied for first, losing only one game the entire tournament. It really was outstanding! While it is nice to be victorious, the score wasn’t the most important factor.  It was the  “spirit” the girls had for each other as a team, the way they supported each other and the confidence they held in themselves.  It was truly inspiring, and a fantastic way to end the season. Congratulations on your hard work and dedication girls!- Madame Laird, Coach
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