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An example of Petrykivka art that Mrs. Wozny painted as a template for the students


During a six day period from Thursday, April 25 to Wednesday May 1, every IHMS student from grade 4 to 8 participated in a uniquely Ukrainian activity – creating Petrykivka artwork. This activity took place in small group sessions in the Art Room, and was facilitated by the school’s newest staff member – Mrs. Lesia Wozny.

Mrs. Wozny (top photo) with grade 7 students – the first group to paint Petrykivka art.


In addition to her duties in the school office as an Administrative assistant (along with Mrs. Dudych), Mrs. Wozny is an IHMS alumni (as is Mrs. Dudych) and also a talented artist! 


Mrs. Wozny teaching a small group of students how to paint in the Petrykivka style


Originally, the school hired a different artist to conduct the Petrykivka art lessons. When a scheduling conflict prevented this from happening, Mrs. Wozny graciously stepped up and offered her services! 


Despite what this photo may suggest, Mrs. Wozny knew exactly what she was doing


Before the students started painting, Mrs. Wozny spent time educating each class about the Petrykivka style of art.


 Mrs. Wozny demonstrating the proper brush technique in painting Petrykivka art


Wikipedia states that the Petrykivka style of art is “a traditional Ukrainian decorative painting style … used to decorate house walls and everyday household items.The distinctive features of this folk art style are its flower patterns, distinctive brush techniques, and its traditionally white background.”

Click here to view some examples of Petrykivka artwork



Two grade 6 girls working on their Petrykivka painting on Thursday, April 25


After teaching yjr students some preliminary information about Petrykivka art, Mrs. Wozny began taking small groups of students into the Art room to paint. Beginning on Thursday, April 25, she facilitated two Petrykivka art lessons a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Each lesson was two hours in length, with 10-13 students per lesson. All students painted the same image, which included a nightingale bird (soloveyko) as a follow up to the theme used in last month’s Ukrainian Week.



An art display of the completed Petrykivka art pieces will take place on May 2 during the Volunteer Appreciation Reception.


Some examples of grade 7 Petrykivka art




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