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There are many different fundraisers at IHMS. One type of fundraiser that students really enjoy are the “lunch days” where they can enjoy a lunch with something other than their usual sandwiches. Currently, there are 2 pizza days, one Subway sandwich day, and one hot-dog day per month. The grade 8’s organize and operate the pizza days (with revenues earmarked for the grade 8 graduation), while the Parent’s Guild organize and operate the Subway sandwiches and the hot-dogs (with revenues earmarked for busing on field trips).


The most recent lunch day was a “Perogy Day” on Friday, April 22. In addition to being a delicious hot lunch, Perogy Day was also a fundraiser with revenues earmarked for busing on field trips. It was organized and operated by parent volunteers who cooked and distributed the perogies to the students. Students placed their orders in advance with their classroom teachers, and the prices were very reasonable:

  • 3 perogies for $1.00
  • 6 perogies for $2.00
  • 9 perogies for $3.00
  • 12 perogies for $4.00


Since the perogies were generously donated by various Ukrainian Catholic parishes, all money collected was pure profit! The students enjoyed their meal, and the school made a nice profit. Thank you to all the Ukrainian Catholic parishes and the parent volunteers who made this happen!



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