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During lunch recesses, the Grade 5 and 6 students are taking part in Art Club.  In this extra curricular club, the students will learn about art techniques and have the opportunity to experiment with different art supplies.

The Art Club’s theme for February was COLOUR.

Next, the students looked at identifying COMPLIMENTARY colours on the colour wheel.The students looked at PRIMARY, SECONDARY and TERTIARY colours on the colour wheel.

After picking their favourite complimentary colour combination, the art students made these VISUAL ILLUSION works of art.

IMG_3149 IMG_3150


IMG_3154 IMG_3155


In January, the Art Club students learned about VALUE.

Each student made a value scale using blending, hatching and cross-hatching techniques.




Next, the students used the value techniques learned to turn simple 2D objects into 3D objects using shading. When working on shading, the students experimented using a #6 pencil.  The led on a #6 pencil is softer and makes blending / shading easier to do.


To finish the value unit, the students drew their own snowman on tru-ray paper using chalk.  The artists then used the shading techniques learned to give their snowman a 3D look.


IMG_2923 IMG_2924
IMG_2925 IMG_2927
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