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Aaron the Allergic Shepherd surrounded by his flock of sheep


On Wednesday, December 20, 2017 the K-3 students of IHMS entertained an appreciative audience with their performance of a musical play entitled:


The title character of Aaron was portrayed by grade 3 student Manuel M.


As has been the tradition at IHMS for many years, the students performed the play twice that day in front of a live audience:

  1. A matinee performance at 1:30 p.m.
  2. An evening performance at 7:00 p.m


Most of the angels in the concert were portrayed by Kindergarten students


Parents and relatives unable to attend the evening show were happy for the opportunity to attend the matinee performance, which was identical to the evening show but a lot less crowded. Both concerts took place in the school gymnasium, which had been set up with a large stage, bleachers, and professional lighting and sound equipment.


As is the case with all K-3 concerts, Aaron the Allergic Shepherd” was a musical play with an underlying story about the birth of Jesus.


There’s a new shepherd on the job in Bethlehem, but he’s got a problem. He’s allergic to sheep! Meanwhile, a miracle is about to happen in a local stable in another part of Bethlehem. That miracle is told through the story and musical numbers of the K-3 Christmas concert entitled “Aaron the Allergic Shepherd”.



The nativity scene in “Aaron the Allergic Shepherd”


The concert was a great success due to the hard work and dedication of a lot of people. Of course, the cast members spent a lot of time practising and memorizing their scripts. Remember, this is a big job for the cast members because they’re only in kindergarten to grade 3! Their dedication paid off, and they did a fantastic job!


The sheep in the concert were portrayed by grade 1 students





Grade 2 and 3 students portrayed various nativity characters such as shepherds


Also, a special “thank you” to all the teachers, especially the school’s music teacher, Mrs. Stanowych, who organized the concert and prepared the students for all the songs.




Special thanks also goes to the concert’s cast director, Mrs. Walkow. For the past few weeks, both Mrs. Walkow and Mrs. Stanowych sacrificed many hours practising with the students and perfecting the script. It was because of them that the concert was such a great success!


A wide angle shot of the stage during the nativity scene


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Mr. Picklyk, the school’s principal, spoke to an appreciative audience at the end of the concert


lights_rotate-w4 Professionally filmed DVD”s of “Aaron the Allergic Shepherd” will be available for purchase through the school office in the new year. spotlight3




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