K-3 Christmas Concert

The manger scene from the K-3 presentation of “Super Gift from Heaven”
torch On Wednesday, December 18, 2013 the K-3 students of IHMS presented a Christmas musical fantasy entitled “Super Gift from Heaven”. torch





Because the school’s Christmas concerts are so popular, the students performed “Super Gift from Heaven” in front of an audience twice that day:


  1. A matinee performance at 1:30 p.m.
  2. An evening performance at 7:00 p.m


Since most parents work during the day, the 7:00 p.m. performance is always busier and more crowded than the afternoon performance. But the afternoon performance (which is the first dress rehearsal for the students) can also get quite busy with parents who work evenings or have prior commitments.  In addition, the afternoon performance is a great opportunity for friends and relatives to attend a concert that is less crowded but otherwise identical to the evening show.





Both concerts took place in the school gymnasium, which had been set up with a large stage, bleachers, and professional lighting and sound equipment. In addition, the evening concert was professionally recorded and will be available for purchase on DVD through the school office at a later date. theatre masks w4.html





sgfhcover8 In this Christmas musical fantasy, dolls, clowns, wooden soldiers, and stuffed animals all magically come to life in a toy shop. They sing and play around in the shop at the end of the day after everyone has left. But in the midst of their fun, the dolls begin to ask themselves what a gift really is. This is the story of what they learn and of their special discovery – and SUPER GIFT from heaven, God’s greatest gift of all. Familiar carols, as well as new Christmas songs are used to share the message of God’s ultimate gift: His Son, the Super Gift from Heaven.  





Cast of Characters


Cast of Characters


Gretchen Maddalena J.
Hans Andriy B.
Amanda Natalia Z.
Freddie Freckles Bo S.
Sabrina Sunshine Bailey D.
Easter/Christmas Bunny Jasmine D.
Colonel Cuddly Nicholas W.
Raggedy Anne 1 Khushleen D.
Raggedy Anne 2 Hannareet B.
Raggedy Andy Rajya S.
Christmas Kitten Arianna B.
Clancy Clown Jeremy D.
Candy Clown Dailia M.
Mary Kristen S.
Joseph Dennis D.
Shepherds Aleeza A.
Brayden G.
Taliyah K.
Kailie M.
Sean D.
Joseph N.
Kings Lukas Z.
Nicholas M.
Maksym S.
Clowns  Kindergarten class
Nativity Scene Grade 1
Raggedy Annes & Andys Grade 2
Dolls, Soldiers, Stuffed Animals     Grade 3





The K-3 concert was very successful due to the hard work and dedication of a lot of people – students, parents, and teachers. It was an especially huge accomplishment for the student cast members who are only 5-8 years old! They had to learn songs and memorize scripts, and then perform on a stage in front of several hundred people. And they had to do it twice in one day! Fortunately, all their hard work paid off because the K-3 concert far exceeded everyone’s expectations. Congratulations on a job well done!






The concert would never have happened without help from parents and teachers who took care of costuming, props, and stage wall decor. Every teacher and teaching assistant from K-3 played a part in the concert’s ultimate success. In addition, props, sound, and stage lighting were managed by junior-high students under the supervision of an IHMS teacher.


The manger for the Nativity scene was constructed by Mr. Karhut


Finally, a special note of thanks to Mrs. Stanowych (who coordinated and directed the entire concert) and Mrs. Walkow who spent many hours practising with the students and perfecting the script. It was because of their commitment that the concert was such a great success!


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Professionally filmed DVD”s of “Super Gift from Heaven” will be available for purchase through the school office.  spotlight3