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Sr. Anne (top photo) and Mrs. Wittevrongel (bottom photo) addressing the student assembly


On Thursday, June 29th, 2017, (the last day of school for the students before the summer break), students and staff of IHMS gathered in the gym to bid farewell to two of the school’s longest serving and most dedicated teachers – Sr. Anne Pidskalny SSMI (37 years of service to IHMS) and Mrs. Debby Wittevrongel (29 years of service to IHMS).


The farewell began with the presentation of three gifts to Sr. Anne by the school’s first “super teners” – students who have attended IHMS for 10 consecutive years. These super teners, Dominic J., Zorian T., and Abby S., were the first students to attend IHMS every year since Sr. Anne started teaching sadochok (nursery school) in September 2007. One of the gifts they presenteted was  a “memory book” containing the memories and recollections that each student in the school had of Sr. Anne.



Mrs. Wittevrongel’s farewell included words of advice from every student in the grade 5 class. Although she no longer teaches grade 5, Mrs. Wittevrongel did so for 27 consecutive years. In addition, a few grade 8 students filmed a short but very funny video on “A Day in the Life of Mrs. Wittevrongel”.



IHMS staff and family members paid tribute to Mrs. Wittevrongel and Sr. Anne later on that same evening at a retirement dinner party held at Rae’s Bistro.




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