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Celebrity guest reader Andrea Slobodian from CTV News


ribbon This year, IHMS celebrated “I Love To Read Week” from Tuesday, February 18 to Friday, February 21. During the week, students were involved in activities that promoted and celebrated reading in their daily lives. In addition to their own classroom activities, the students also participated in several school wide reading activities.


The theme for this year’s “I Love to Read Week” was: I Love to Read Canada’s Golden Authors.


Some of the school wide reading activities included:

1) Buddy Reading: Younger students paired up with an older “buddy”. The two students took turns reading to each other from the younger student’s book.


Younger students reading a book to an older buddy


 2) “Stop, Drop, and Read”: When a signal played over the intercom, students stoppd what they were doing and read a book without interruption for a few minutes.


The grade 6 class (top photo) and the grade 8’s (bottom photos) relaxing with a book during “Stop, Drop, and Read”


3) A contest where students had to match the photo of a Canadian author with the title of one of their books.


A display of Canadian authors and their books in the hallway


4) Celebrity Reader: On Tuesday, February 18, celebrity reader Andrea Slobodian from CTV News visited IHMS to read to the students.


 Andrea Slobodian from CTV News read to the students on February 18


In addition, the Used Book Store was once again open for business on Thursday, February 20. This wasn’t really a store – it was a way to trade a previously read “used book” for a different used book. Students who wanted to participate brought an appropriate picture book or novel to school a few days earlier, and in exchange they received a coupon that could be used to acquire another book on February 20th. Each classroom from kindergarten to grade 8 had a time slot when they could visit the Used Book Store.


 Students at the Used Book Store on Thursday


This was a great way for children to share old favorites with other students and to come home with books which may soon become new favorites.


 A few of the grade 1 students who helped Mrs. Walkow to trade books


“I Love to Read Week” was an interesting time for the students as well as lot of fun! Thank you to Ms. Lutyj, Mrs. Walkow, Mrs. Radawetz, and Mrs. Zulyniak for organizing it.



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