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IHMS celebrates ???I Love To Read Month??? every year in February. During this time, students are involved in activities that promote and celebrate reading in their daily lives. In addition to their own classroom activities, the students also participated in several school wide reading activities. The theme for this year???s ???I Love to Read Month??? was bullying and following the Golden Rule of ???doing unto others as you would have them do unto you???.


nobully3 To begin the month, a school assembly was held on Monday, February 4 to introduce the theme of bullying and The Golden Rule to the students. Each of the four weeks in the month focused on a different aspect of bullying and The Golden Rule:
  • Week 1: understanding the definition of a bully.
  • Week 2: understanding the feelings of the victim of bullying.
  • Week 3: the role of a bystander.
  • Week 4: playground etiquette.


Some of the school wide reading activities included:


1)  A secret reader spotter lurked in the hallways throughout the month, and rewarded random students caught reading.




2)  The return of ???Stop, Drop, and Read???. Upon hearing a signal from over the school intercom, everyone (teachers and students) stopped what they were doing, dropped everything and read a book. Usually, the reading time was only a for few minutes, but it was uninterrupted and distraction free.


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The junior-high students during “Stop, Drop, and Read”


3)  The Used Book Store was once again open for business on Friday, February 22. This wasn???t really a store – it was a way to trade a previously read ???used book??? for a different used book. Students who wanted to participate brought an appropriate picture book or novel to school on either February 13 or 20, and in exchange they received a coupon that could be used to acquire another book on February 22. Each classroom from kindergarten to grade 8 had a time slot when they could visit the Used Book Store. This was a great way for children to share old favorites with other students and to come home with books which may soon become new favorites.






???I Love to Read Month??? was an interesting time for the students as well as lot of fun! Thank you to the teachers who organized it. ILTR2
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