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Halloween 2011


Halloween celebrations were launched right after announcements on October 31. And our students were more than ready.


Our kindergarten students started the parade, showing off their costumes to the grade one class. Once they were done, the grade one’s joined in behind them as both classes showed their costumes to the grade twos. And so it went until every class in the school joined the parade that eventually ended up in the school gymnasium.


We had teachers dressed as Jets Fans.

And students dressed as teachers.
This student came as Mrs. Skakun.

While this student came as Mr. Picklyk.

Micky and Minnie were here.

Along with Coke and Pepsi.

We had some bears.

Some Soccer Players.


The Dynamic Duo.

And some Bomber fans too.

In the Gym


The students played lots of fun games.

Led by the Student Council

The student council facilitated the games for the entire school.

Good Job!

Halloween 2011

SuperMario says it was a great day!

Halloween 2011

So does Speedy Gonzolas

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