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Halloween is an exciting day for most students (and some adults) because it means dressing in costume, ???trick or treating???, and lots of free candy! This year, Halloween fell on a Wednesday, which was also a N.U.T. day (???No Uniform Today???). Everyone was encouraged to come to school dressed in costume, and the more colourful and creative the outfit, the better!

Students were free to wear almost anything they wanted as long as it didn???t portray anything scary, evil, or inappropriate. Anyone who either had a scary costume or who preferred not to wear a costume at all were asked to at least dress in orange and black.


Some of the costumes were purchased from stores, but a lot were apparently home-made. IHMS has some very creative parents because the home-made costumes were funnier and more creative than the store bought costumes, and it was obvious that a lot of effort went into their design and manufacture.


Since everyone was eager to show off their outfits, it???s been a yearly tradition at IHMS for students to parade their Halloween costumes in front of everyone else in the school. This is done in the form of a procession through each of the classes from Kindergarten all the way up to grade 8. In this way, everyone in the school can show off what they have, and at the same time they can see what everyone else is wearing.



The procession began with the Kindergarten students parading through the grade 1 classroom. As both grades checked each other out, the grade 1???s followed the Kindergarten students into the grade 2 classroom. The grade 2???s then followed the line into the grade 3 classroom, and so on. This continued all the way to the grade 8 classroom, and finally back down into the gym for the Halloween extravaganza.


During the extravaganza, students sat with their classmates around the perimeter of the gym, and either watched or participated in a series of Halloween themed games.


Another Halloween tradition at IHMS is for the staff to come to school wearing identical costumes. This has been a tradition for the past 19 years, and this year the teachers all dressed up as ???IKEA workers??? to celebrate the opening of the new IKEA store in Winnipeg. The theme was kept a secret until the teachers wore their costumes to school that day.

In order to encourage healthier eating habits, Halloween has been declared a ???candy free??? day at IHMS. Families who wanted to share a fun treat on Halloween were asked to only bring an inexpensive toy … NO CANDY.


The students had a lot of fun coming to school dressed up for Halloween. It gave them the opportunity to wear their costume twice – once during the day and again that evening. There are a few other N.U.T. days spread throughout the school year, but most students agree that Halloween is the N.U.T. day they enjoy the most. Thanks to Mrs. DePiero and the student council for organizing the gym extravaganza.


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