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IHMS had two girl’s volleyball teams for the 2016 season – a competitive team and a developmental team.

  • A competitive team made up of older and more experienced players. This team was coached by Mr. Dedio.
  • A developmental team which was also coached by Mr. Dedio. Most of the players on the developmental team will make up next year’s competitive team.

       The Competitive Team

The players on the competitive team were:

Nadia M., Ashlynn A., Komal B., Abby S., Lauren A., Jade D., Danikah F., Jessica K., Nikita K., Carmela M., and Katie P.


wilson.html-150x150 The girl’s competitive team ended their season with an impressive record of 6 wins and only two losses! During the MCSAA playoffs (at the end of the regular season) the girls won their first playoff game but unfortunately were eliminated after losing the next two games,

      The Developmental Team

The players on the developmental team were:

Brooke B., Ariadne C., Alyssa D., Lucia N., Anna M., Jasmine D., Rachel L., Kristinah P., Bhavika S., Bethlehem T., Mikaela V., and Natalia Z.


th The girl’s developmental team won half of their games during the volleyball season, winning 6 of the 12 games they played. They entered one tournament at St. Alphonsus School and did very well, winning 6 games out of 9 played.
Keep in mind that most of the girls in the developmental team are only in grade 6, and will continue to improve over time. They should form the basis of a formidable competitive team next year. ballnet


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