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IHMS had only one girl’s volleyball team for the 2014 season – a developmental team that was coached by Mr. Dedio.


The players on the team were:
Jenny K., Arianna B., Janelle K., Jenna T., Therese A., Rachel S., Anna V., Nina H., Yelena R., Antonette C., Gillian M., Nicole M., and Rachel Ann P.


The girl’s developmental team ended their season with an excellent record of 7 wins and only one loss, much better than last year’s record of 7 losses and only one win! In fact, the development team from this year and last year are almost identical – most of the same girls were on both teams. So they demonstrated tremendous improvement over the past year, and continued to improve throughout the season. bump


The girls also entered a tournament at Linden Christian School where they played 4 games and lost only one to Linden Christian. However, at the developmental level, teams play just for fun and to gain additional experience against other teams, so there were no final tournament standings.
Overall, the girls had an excellent season, and the experience they gained this year will serve them well if they continue to play volleyball next year.


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