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bbnet2 The 2013 IHMS girl???s basketball team was coached by Mr. Dedio. The players on the team were: Marysa F., Veeta Z., Taylor D., Samarah F., Camryn H., Maddalena J., Alyna S., Illeana F., Bhavana G., Kaitlyn H., Kylie T., and Jeanny V.


The 2012-2013 Girls’s basketball team


During regular season play, the girls won 3 games out of 8 played. They entered one tournaments at General Wolfe School and placed 7th overall out of 8 teams.


During the league playoffs, they lost an important game and moved over to the ???B??? side of the tournament. Unfortunately, they lost again and ended up 6th overall out of 9 teams. Despite a mediocre season, the girls learned a lot of important basketball skills that can be used over the next few years as they continue to improve.


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