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For the 2018 season, IHMS had two girl’s basketball teams:

  • A more experienced “A” team coached by Mr. Dedio
  • A developmental or “B” team, coached by Miss Bacon

The Girl’s “A” Team


The players on the girl’s A team consisted of a mixture of grade 7 and 8 students with one grade 6 student. They were: Kennedy S., Bailey D., Bhavika S., Natalia Z., Lauren A., Brooke B., Jade D., Danikah F., Jessica K., Nikita K., Carmela M., and Katie P.


In regular season play, the girls played 10 games and won 8, a very impressive record. They also entered the St. Paul’s Tournament, where they played only 2 games (winning against Westgate and losing to Holy Ghost) and placed fourth overall. During the playoffs at the end of the season, the girls placing third overall.


The Girl’s Developmental Team


The players on the girl’s developmental team (also known as the girl’s “B” team were: Hanna B., Eknoor D., Josie K., Jasmine D., Kristinah P., Mikaela V., Gaby U., Chantel M., Lucia N., and Anna M.


  The girls “B” team finished their season undefeated!
The girl’s “B” team didn’t lose a single game all season! (Note: the boy’s “B” team were also undefeated all season). There are no end of season rankings for developmental teams in the Manitoba Catholic Schools Athletic Association (they play for fun and experience), but overall the IHMS girls developmental team had a perfect season. and will form the basis of a formidable “A” team next year!









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