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Mrs. Wittevrongel posing in front of the grade 8 classroom in June 2017. This is the room where she taught grade 8 for the past two years, but most students and parents will remember her as the IHMS grade 5 teacher for 27 consecutive years..


After 29 years of dedicated service to IHMS, the school’s current grade 8 teacher, Mrs. Wittevrongel, has decided to retire from teaching in order to pursue other interests.


Mrs. W. in 2004
Mrs. Wittevrongel first came to IHMS in September, 1988 to replace Sr. Anne Pidskalny as the new grade 5 teacher (Sr. Anne left grade 5 that year to assume the job of principal). Mrs. Wittevrongel remained the school’s grade 5 teacher for an amazing 27 continuous years! After switching grades in 2015, she spent the last two years of her career as the school’s grade 8 teacher.


When classes resume in September for the 2017-18 school year, Mrs. Wittevrongel will be replaced by Mr. Louis Burg,


Mrs. Wittevrongel’s Career at IHMS





Assorted Photos of Mrs. Wittevrongel






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