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csw2013logo2 Catholic Schools Week is an annual event that builds an appreciation of the educational achievements and spiritual benefits of attending a Catholic school. It acknowledges the many teachers and students who work in these schools, and celebrates the opportunities that Catholic Schools have to offer.


Catholic Schools Week for 2013 ran from Monday, February 11 to Friday, February 15 with the theme ???Catholic Schools Raise the Standards???. But wait, there???s more! In addition to the theme ???Catholic Schools Raise the Standards???, IHMS is doing something different this year by creating a common theme for Catholic Schools Week, Lent, and ???I Love To Read Month??? – the theme of bullying and following the Golden Rule of ???doing unto others as you would have them do unto you???. goldenrule7




During the first 4 days (Friday was a holiday for the students), the student council and staff organized a group of fun activities. The week started off on Monday with a Catholic School???s Day door decorating activity. Every student in every classroom from kindergarten to grade 8 participated in this activity.


sadkinddoor gr8door
Artwork featuring the Catholic School’s Week logo on the kindergarten and grade 8 classroom doors. Every grade did this on the first day of Catholic School’s Week.


Wednesday was ???100 Day???. This may not be important news to most people, but for the grade 1 to 3 students, ???100??? is a big number! So the downstairs teachers devised various activities to give their students a more concrete idea of how big ???100??? really is.


gr3ties gr2g100day gr2b100day
The grade 3 students (top photo) made 100 Day neckties, while the grade 2 students (last 2 photos) made 100 Day hats


There was also a ???Valentine-O-Gram??? activity on Wednesday where every student in the school made up a Valentine???s day card for a student in another grade. In this way, everyone made up and received a card on Valentine???s day. heart4


Thursday was Valentine???s Day. A lot of students exchanged Valentine???s day cards, especially in the younger grades, but since IHMS is trying to promote healthier eating in the school, passing out candies or chocolates was prohibited.


On Thursday afternoon, there was also an assembly in the gym immediately after the lunch recess. Students from different grades represented their classes by participating in a series of activities that were sponsored by the Manitoba Milk Producers. Since the Manitoba Milk Producers donated all the prizes for the event, all the games had a milk theme to them. This was followed by an early dismissal at 2:00.


cswextrav2 cswextrav1
 Something cow or milk related was happening in these photos


Friday, February 15th, the last day of Catholic Schools Week, was an inservice day for the teachers at St. Joseph???s Roman Catholic Church on Andrews Street. While IHMS teachers (and teachers from other Catholic schools) were busy attending the inservice, students had a day off from school. Since the following Monday was a holiday – Louis Riel Day – it was a long 4 day weekend for the students and a great way to finish off a fun and exciting week!




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