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IHMS had 2 boy???s volleyball teams for the 2012 season:

  • An ???A??? team made up of older and more experienced players, coached by Mr. Picklyk, and
  • A ???B??? team, which is a developmental team, coached by Mr. Crooks.

Both teams ended the volleyball season with excellent records. Thank you to Mr. Picklyk and Mr. Crooks for all the time and effort they put into their coaching duties.

The players on the boy???s ???A??? team were: Nykola S., Karnvir B., Michael L., Russell C., Darian P., Hunter T., Kendrick A., Gabriele P., Brandon P., and Michael K.

The boy???s ???A??? team ended their regular season play undefeated! This is a fantastic record since some of the larger schools they compete with (such as Linden Christian and Westgate) have many more students to choose from to build their team. The boy???s ???A??? team also entered the St. Paul???s Tournament, which they won.

In playoff action, the boys advanced all the way to the finals on Saturday, November 24th where they defeated the St. Emile Huskies to win the MCSAA Volleyball Championship! Well done, boys!

The players on the boy???s ???B??? team were: Andriy B., Andrij D., Illya R., Nathan J., Nicholas S., Collin A., Brady D., Joshua T., and Raphael C.

The boy???s ???B??? team also had a very good season – they lost only 2 games in the regular season. In addition, they entered a tournament at Linden Christian School, and although the tournament didn???t have an overall champion (it was only meant for fun), the IHMS boy???s ???B??? team never lost a game –  they tied 2 games and won the rest! The experience they gained this year will serve them well next year.

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