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IHMS had two boy’s volleyball teams for the 2015 season:

  • A competitive team made up of older and more experienced players. This team was coached by Mr. Picklyk.
  • A developmental team which was coached by Mr. Dedio with some help from Mr. Picklyk. Most of the players on the developmental team will make up next year’s competitive team.


                                       The Competitive Team
The 11 players on the competitive team were:

 Eknoor B., Danylo S., Serhiy S., Eldrec A., Armaan D., Mark D., Sahil K., James L., Eric L., Yaroslav P., and Matthew P.


wilson4 The boy’s competitive team had a mediocre season, winning only 3 out of 9 regular season games. They also entered the St. Paul’s Tournament where they did much better by tying for third place overall.


                                     The Developmental Team
The players on the developmental team were:

Kelby A., Anton V., Arsen Y., Martin D., Adam K., Donovan M., Alexander P., Eric S., William S., Ihor S., Adrian Z., and Owen Z.


th The developmental team also had a mediocre season, winning only 3 out of 9 games. They entered one tournament held at IHMS, where they unfortunately lost all of their games. Keep in mind, however,  that most of the players on the  developmental team are only in grade 6, and are playing for fun and experience. Next year, these players could make a formidable competitive team!



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