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For the 2017 season, IHMS had two boy’s basketball teams:

  • A more experienced “A” team coached by Coach Arndt and Coach Martin.
  • A developmental or “B” team, coached by IHMS vice principal Mr. Paul Trochanowski.


The Boy’s “A” Team

The players on the boy’s A team consisted of a mixture of grade 7 and 8 students. They were: Donovan M., Mykel C., Eric S., William S., Kelby A., Eknoor B., Cedric C., Danylo S., Serhiy S., Biniam T., and Zorian T.


During regular season action, the boy’s A team played 8 games and lost all of them. They entered one tournament, the St. Paul’s Tournament, and were defeated in both of the games they played. And during the basketball playoffs at the end of the season, they played only one game, lost the game, and were eliminated from further play.  

Note that there were 14 teams altogether in the league for the 2017 season, and each team played only 8 games. So every team did not play every other team in regular season play.

Despite their disappointing season, the boys learned a lot of important basketball skills that can be used over the next few years as they continue to improve.


The Boy’s Developmental Team

The players on the boy’s developmental team were: Anton A., Charles C., Stefan D., Amit G., Xyon K., Daniel L., Daniel T., Nicholas W., Martin D., Adam K., Ihor S., Owen Z., Biniam T. (he played on both boys teams), and Arsen Y.


The boys on the “B” (developmental) team played 8 games in the regular season and won 4 of them, a respectable record. They also entered a tournament hosted by IHMS where they played against two other schools, St. Edwards and Our Lady of Victory. They won only one game in the tournament, but still placed second overall.

There are no rankings for developmental teams in the Manitoba Catholic Schools Athletic Association (they play for fun and experience), but overall the IHMS boy’s “B” team had a successful basketball season by picking up a lot of valuable experience for future years.



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