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On December 21, 2011, IHMS presented its annual Grades Four to Eight Christmas Concert to capacity crowds at both the Matinee and Evening performances.

This year’s musical play was entitled, “The Miraculous Christmas Wish Radio Show”.

After making a grand entrance and overture, the stage was set to resemble a shopping mall with a radio station putting on a contest there to find the Greatest Christmas Wish in Winnipeg.


The Grade Sevens sang, “Christmas is in the Air”, followed by the Grade Fours singing, “Hello, Wish FM”.

 Click on the pictures to get a larger image.


 Four students performed beautiful solos to the delight of everyone.


The radio station, WISHFM, holds a contest in a local mall to see who has the best Christmas wish of all.

Tiffany Buffington wants all of Winnipeg to be as beautiful as she is.

Melvin Dweeberman wants all of Winnipeg to get free pocket protectors.

Carol Hartman wants everyone to be able to see Jesus the same way the people who witnessed his birth saw him over 2000 years ago.

The station manager, Alex Watt, facilitated the contest.

 There were Disk Jockeys, Cheerleaders and Phone Callers.

And Guitar Pickers too!

But the “Celebrate the Saviour” number involving the Cast and the Choir summed up the central message of the performance very nicely.

This message was reiterated by Mr. Picklyk, Principal of IHMS, as he closed the concert with a music video called, “Where’s The Line To See Jesus?”

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