Kindergarten to Grade Three Christmas Concert 2011


Stage Scene

The title of this year’s concert was “Christmas Special Delivery”, and the play was introduced by IHMS Student Council President.

The main character is a mailman called Mr. Wilson. He
hates Christmas because of the work it takes to carry
all the extra parcels on the icy streets.
He delivers packages to several people, all the while complaining vigorously.  







 Several students sang solos in this performance.

This student (portraying Mrs. Davis) sang about the Simple Gifts being grander than silver or gold.

The students portraying Tiffany (3rd from right) and Mrs. White (far right) sang solo and duo parts during the Shepherd’s Carols scene.

The Chorus


All students formed the chorus when not on the stage participating and consisted of students from kindergarten to grade three. Each grade took turns on the stage to perform a special part in the play throughout the evening.

Video Interludes

This year, during the scene changes, video interludes were shown to the audience featuring the student portraying our grumpy mailman, Mr. Wilson, out in the snow battling with the elements. Each of those videos are shown here for your enjoyment.

First VIdeo Interlude Second Video Interlude Third Video Interlude

The Finale with Mary, Joseph and Jesus at the centre. The grumpy mailman, Mr. Wilson, has a change of heart and agrees to be the Angel Gabriel. The players and chorus sing, “He Is the Reason” and “Christmas is the Season” to finish off their excellent performance.

His Grace, Metropolitan Lawrence addresses the audience

and the performers in the Matinee performance.

Mr. Picklyk closes the concert with well wishes and the following video entitled, “Where’s the Line to See Jesus?”

Where’s the Line to See Jesus? (video)