Full Time Kindergarten

IHMS will offer a Monday to Friday, full-day Kindergarten program beginning in September, 2018. Extensive research indicates this innovative initiative will have a very positive impact on our school community.
National studies show:
Children in all-day kindergarten have better language, social and communication skills.
Students in full-day kindergarten are better prepared to enter Grade 1 and to be more successful in school.
Currently, full-day kindergarten exists in seven provinces and territories across Canada.
Nearly 80 percent of families in our community support the concept of full time kindergarten.
Full day kindergarten (as opposed to alternate days) is of benefit to families in which both parents are in the workforce.

Due to classroom space limitations at this time, IHMS will not be offering a Sadochok program at the 650 Flora Avenue location. IHMS offers pre-­Kindergarten programs through Immaculate Heart of Mary Lubov Nursery School located at 35 Marcie Street. This very successful program has been in operation for nearly 20 years and offers a program with a special concern for the Ukrainian culture, and as well, faith development.

For more information about the IHM Lubov Nursery School:
Email: stannelubov@mts.net or Phone: (204) 669-1023 or click below.

About IHMS

Immaculate Heart of Mary School is a Nursery (Sadochok) to grade 8 Ukrainian Catholic School in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It has been owned and operated by the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate for over 105 years and is the SSMI Order's longest-running mission. Independent and non-parochial, IHMS is the only private Ukrainian Catholic school in western Canada.

Why Enrol at IHMS?

After a recent school survey, parents of students at IHMS expressed that the primary reason they send their children to our school is the quality of the academic program.

Aspects of the excellent academic program mentioned included:
- challenging children to be their best
- cultural and spiritual development of the children
- the school events such as concerts and athletic programming
- social development: encouraging respect and responsibility
- sense of community and parent involvement in the education of the child

School News

Day 4 - April 23

Mindful Monday … bring $2 and it’s a N.U.T. Day!  Wear your favourite outfit. Proceeds go to Manitoba Special Olympics.

Day 5 - April 24

Pizza Order Day $2.50/slice

Day 6 - April 25

Grades 5-8 at Manitoba Catholic Spirit Days

Day 1 - April 26

1:00PM Sacrament of Confession

Pizza Lunch Day

IHMS Debate Team at Donohoe Cup in Halifax

Day 2 - April 27

9:00AM Divine Liturgy at Cathedral

IHMS Debate Team at Donohoe Cup in Halifax

Day 3 - April 30

IHMS Debate Team at Donohoe Cup in Halifax

Day 4 - May 1
Day 5 - May 2
Day 6 - May 3

7:00 pm Parents’ Guild Mtg.

Day 1 - May 4
Day 2 - May 7

2018-2019 Kindergarten Orientation Evening

Day 3 - May 8

IHMS Track Meet

Day 4 - May 9

3:00 – 5:00 pm  IHMS Uniform Shop open

Day 5 - May 10

2:00 pm Staff Meeting – EARLY DISMISSAL

Day 6 - May 11

1:00PM Immunization Clinic

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Annual Fundraisers

Thank you to all who were able to attend the Annual Fund Raising Dinner on Saturday, March 10. It was an amazing journey on the 'Passport to Travel the World'!!
There was great fellowship, delicious food, exquisite international wines and fabulous prizes!!
Thank you to all the sponsors of this year's IHMS Fund Raising Dinner.
Gratitude to the volunteers for all their assistance.
Special acknowledgement to the Fund Raising Dinner Committee for their time and commitment.
Mark your calendars ... next year's Fund Raising Dinner will be on Saturday, March 9, 2019.

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