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Two grade 3 girls on the “red team”


On Wednesday, June 5th, the kindergarten to grade 3 students held their annual ???field day??? at the Gateway Recreational Centre in East Kildonan.


The Gateway Recreational Centre allows teachers the option of playing games either indoors or outdoors. As it turned out, the weather this year was sunny and beautiful so the students spent most of the day outside.


K-3 students arriving at the Gateway Recreational Centre


All events for the day were team based and meant to be fun. Unlike the grade 4-8 track and field day, individual accomplishments were downplayed in favour of team competition and co-operation.


The students were supervised by the K-3 classroom teachers – Sr. Anne (kindergarten), Mrs. Cambly (grade 1), Ms. Lutyj (grade 2), Mrs. Tycholis (grade 3), along with Mrs. Laird, Miss Karhut, and Mr. Crooks. Each teacher was responsible for running one type of activity, and the students moved in small groups from activity to activity. Mr. Dedio was also available to help out as needed.


Mrs. Laird posing with a group of students


The students knew in advance they would be participating on different teams, and were pre-assigned to these teams based on the colour of shirt they were asked to wear. Each team had a mixture of students from K-3, and a letter was sent home to the parents asking them to dress their children in one of the following ???team colours???: red, light blue, dark blue, white, grey, black, yellow, orange, purple, and green.


 Students from the orange, white, and purple teams


The events in the morning were competitive and team based (such as tug of war), while the events in the afternoon were co-operative and meant to be fun (such as the parachute). There were 5 organized activities in the morning, and 3 in the afternoon.


Students playing one of their games


At lunch time parent volunteers served each of the students a barbequed hot-dog, vegetables, a slice of watermelon, a juice box, and a Freezie.




Parent volunteers preparing lunch for the students


The Gateway Recreational Center had readily accessible washrooms, which were very convenient for the younger students. It also had a fenced in play area, which some students used during their hour of free time.


Three girls relaxing during their free time


Everything wrapped up early in the afternoon, and the students assembled inside the Gateway Recreational Centre for an awards ceremony. Team awards were given out for 5 different categories:

  • Most co-operative teams
  • Most encouraging teams
  • Best team spirit
  • Most colourful teams
  • Best organized teams




There were 10 different teams of students, and 5 award categories. By giving an award to 2 teams for each category, every student ???won??? a team award.


The K-3 field day appeared to be successful, and everyone involved seemed to enjoy the outing.



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