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 The IHMS junior high soccer team with their coach Mr. Trochanowski. Click here to view in larger format


On Wednesday, June 7th, IHMS sent a team of players to represent the school in the MCSAA Junior Boy’s soccer tournament. The team, which was coached by the school’s vice-principal Mr. Paul Trochanowski, consisted of mainly grade 8 students and one grade 7 student.


The tournament took place on the various soccer fields adjacent to Grant Park High School. Since there were several soccer pitches available, multiple games were played at the same time.


The IHMS team played 4 hard fought games at the tournament. In the fourth and final championship game, IHMS defeated St. John Brebuef in a decisively 4-0 win to become the MCSAA Junior Boys soccer champions for 2017. Congratulations to Mr. Trochanowski and his victorious soccer team!


Mr. Trochanowski and his player brought the above banner back to IHMS



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