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IHMS had two girl’s volleyball teams for the 2018 season – a competitive team and a developmental team.

  • A competitive team made up of older and more experienced players from grade 7 and 8. This team was coached by Mr. Dedio.
  • A developmental team made up of less experienced students from grade 6. This team was coached by their homeroom teacher, Ms. DePiero.


 The Competitive Team

The players on the Competitive team were:

Hanna B., Eknoor D., Jasmine D., Natalia Z., Bhavika S., Mickaela V., Kristinah P., Khushleen D., and Kennedy S.


The girl’s competitive team ended their season with an impressive record of 7 wins and only 1 loss! 

They entered one tournament at Westgate where they won 3 games, lost one, and tied one game.

During the MCSAA playoffs at the end of the regular season, the girls came very close to winning the overall title. Unfortunately, they lost to Westgate in the final game and ended up in second place overall. Well done, girls
The girl’s competitive team. Click here to view in larger format


 The Developmental Team

The players on the developmental team were all grade 6 girls:

Emily A., Aimee A., Aleeza A-D., Rittan B., Kajeigh B-V., Gracie C., Molly C., Yulia H., Kyla K., Krystina L., Olivia N., Laura S., Kateryna S., Kristen S., and Julia T.


The girl’s developmental team won only one game all season. But keep in mind that the entire team consisted of inexperienced grade 6 girls – this was the first IHMS developmental team without any older grade 7 or 8 girls.

They girls entered one tournament at St. Alphonsus School where they won one game out of three and placing third overall, 

Keep in mind that these grade 6 girls gained valuable experience this season and will continue to improve over time. Many of them are likely to form the basis of a formidable competitive team over the next 2 years.





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