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On Tuesday, February 17th, IHMS held its annual spelling bee. Fifteen contestants from grades four to eight participated in what turned out to be a record setting battle of the intellects.

Our panel of officials from left to right were, Ms. Kathy Walkow (Moderator), Ms. Edith Halayda, (Judge), Ms. Sharon Naurocki (Judge) and Ms. Michelle Laird (Timer)

The audience was hanging on the contestants’ every word – literally!


Could you please use that in a sentence?

Could I have the definition please?

As students were eliminated, they were given their official Canspell Certificates and congratulated.

Third Place Finisher.

Runner Up.

IHMS 2012 Canspell Spelling Bee Champion.

As our winner, this talented student will have her name permanently affixed to the Spelling Plaque in the IHMS Trophy case and will represent IHMS at the Winnipeg Free Press Regional Spelling Bee at the Tom Henday Theatre on February 11, 2012. Wish her luck!

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