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On December 1, 2011, IHMS held the Annual Fund Raising Raffle. In the past, it has been the custom to hold this raffle event at the Annual Fundraising Dinner in the spring, however, due to the announcement of the new school and the extra agenda items that came with that announcement, it was decided to postpone the raffle until December.

The volunteers for the 2011 Annual Fundraising Raffle.

This year the raffle went digital. Three computers were used to project three different screens on the gymnasium wall. Click on any of the images to get a larger view of the image.


Twenty-five numbers were drawn from the drum at a time with every twenty-fifth number being a winner. The winners’ names were highlighted in blue while the non-winners were highlighted in yellow. The white spaces indicate non-purchased tickets.

Various members of the audience were called up through the evening to draw twenty-five tickets at a time. 

Sister Anne Pidskalny, SSMI, Director of IHMS, called out the names as the tickets were drawn.

It was a busy night just writing all the cheques!

Plates of cold cuts and cheese were available.  With lots of great punch.










In the end, the winner of the grand prize was St. Michaels’ Brotherhood. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you so much to everyone who purchased a ticket. The money raised from this raffle goes toward providing superior educational programming for our students. God bless you! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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