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 In the grade 4-8 Christmas Concert  “Miracle on Bethlehem Street”, Joseph was portrayed by Kelby A. and the Blessed Virgin Msry was portrayed by Jessica K. 




On Thursday, December 22, 2016, the grade 4-8 students of IHMS entertained an appreciative audience with their performance of a musical play entitled “Miracle on Bethlehem Street”.


This concert, like the K-3 concert from the previous day, was performed twice that day:

  1. A matinee performance at 1:30 p.m.
  2. An evening performance at 7:00 p.m


The top photo shows the background props used to portray the city of Jerusalem. The concert began with some information about the play (as well as some housekeeping information) by student council president Myles C.


The 1:30 p.m. matinee performance was the first time that the students performed in full costume, and the first time that they performed in front of a live audience. The entire process was repeated at 7:00 that evening. coloredmasks




Miracle on Bethlehem Street

Bethlehem has never been busier! Caesar’s census has the entire town in a frenzy and Innkeeper Benjamin plans to capitalize on the coming crowds. He’s decides to make his inn a luxury inn for the most important and richest of guests.  He expects to make some big money! In the end he realizes that he has turned away the King of Kings.  A more detailed plot synopsis is given below.
arrowrightredsmall Click here to view the  program for “Miracle on Bethlehem Street”



Since most parents work during the day, the evening performance is always busier and more crowded than the afternoon performance. But the afternoon performance can also get quite busy with parents who work evenings or have prior commitments. In addition, the afternoon performance is a great opportunity for friends and relatives to attend a concert that is less crowded but otherwise identical to the evening show.


The owners of the Inn on Bethlehem Street – Benjamin (played by Alex P.) and his faithful and loving wife Rachel (played byBrooke B.}


Both concerts took place in the school gymnasium, which had been set up with a large stage, bleachers, and professional lighting and sound equipment. In addition, the evening concert was professionally recorded and will be available for purchase on DVD through the school office at a later date.





“Miracle on Bethlehem Street”

Benjamin Alexander P,
Rachel Brooke B.
 Servant Eryn S,
 Heralds (3) Jeremy D., Adam K., Zorian T.
Staff (6) Raj D., Myles C.,  Nadia M., Abby S,, Lauren A., Jasmine D.
Guests (5) Serhiy S., Nikita K., Charles C., Natalia Z., Alyssa D., Chantel M.
Clerks (2) Eric S., William S.
 Wisemen (3)  Donovan M., Ihor S., Martin D.
 Shepherds (4)   Bo S., Daniel T., Daniel L., Anton A.
Mary Jessica K.
Joseph Kelby A.



The Three Wise Men, apparently involved in deep thought in the above photo. The Three Wise Men were portrayed by Donovan M., Ihor S., and Martin D.




Plot Synopsis for “Miracle on Bethlehem Street”

In the opening scene, Benjamin and Rachel are reminiscing about the events from a few years ago when Caesar Augustus commanded everyone to return to their hometown to be counted in a census for tax purposes. Rachel notes that at one time her husband was greedy, selfish, narrow minded, and pig headed! After witnessing the miracle of Jesus’ birth, Benjamin believes he is now a changed man. Rachel agrees, and admits that the experience has changed her as well.


The story begins with Benjamin (the Innkeeper) conducting a staff meeting. Since hundreds of people are returning to Bethlehem for the census, his staff suggests that they could make more money if they advertise themselves as a luxury Inn. Benjamin is excited about the idea, but his wife Rachel is hesitant because she had a dream that something very important was about to happen at the Inn.


Rachel relates her dream to one of the Servants – the Servant who takes care of the stables. In her dream she sees a man and an expectant woman, and a feeling that the Messiah was very close – just around the next bend.


Benjamin has another staff meeting, where he decides on a clever new name for the Inn – “Holy Day Inn”. Guests start to arrive, and it becomes busy very quickly. In the hustle and bustle of the Inn’s lobby, Mary and Joseph take a place in line to register for a room.


When a “No Vacancy” sign suddenly pops up, Mary and Joseph sadly start to leave. A Servant intervenes, and offers them a place to stay in the stable, which they gratefully accept.


A group of shepherds enter the Inn looking for lodging when the stable Servant overhears them talking about singing angels. The shepherds tell the Servant that they saw a group of angels singing in the sky – they were singing that the Messiah was coming. The Servant then takes the shepherds to the stable.


The 3 Kings then enter the Inn, and tell Benjamin that they have been following the same star for months. They leave when they notice that the star is not over the Inn but over the stable.


Benjamin is despondent when the 3 Kings leave. Meanwhile, the Servant tells Rachel that her dream came true. The Servant then takes Rachel to the stable where she sees Mary, Joseph, the manger, the Kings and the Shepherds. Rachel leaves to get Benjamin, who looks into the manger and is touched with a sense of awe. When Benjamin tells Mary that she’s welcome at the Inn, she replies by telling him that he’s welcome in the stable.


In the final scene, Benjamin and Rachel continue with their reminiscing. After seeing the miracle in the stable, Benjamin became a changed man and Rachel exclaims “The Messiah has come!”.



Two brothers in real life! In the play, one portrayed a guest at the Inn, and the other portrayed a Wise man.


“Miracle on Bethlehem Street” was a tremendous success and seemed to be enjoyed by everyone in attendance. The story was very entertaining, and had a great message about the true meaning of Christmas. The beautiful props and costumes added to the appeal of the play, and the lively songs put everyone in the Christmas spirit!


“Miracle on Bethlehem Street” had singing, dancing, drama and humour. It had it all!


The concert would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the teachers and staff of IHMS. Every staff member contributed to the success of either this concert, or the K-3 concert from the previous evening.  In addition, props, sound, and stage lighting were managed by junior-high students under the supervision of an IHMS teacher.


 A few scenes from the finale of the play


Finally, a special note of thanks to Mrs. Stanowych (who coordinated and directed the entire concert) and to Mrs. Walkow who sacrificed many hours practising with the students and perfecting the script. It was because of their commitment that the concert was such a great success! ihmscast




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lights_rotate-w4 Professionally filmed DVD”s of “Miracle on Bethlehem Street”. will be available for purchase through the school office in the new year. spotlight3



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