Science Day

IHMS had a school wide ‚??Science Day‚?Ě on Thursday, April 12th that had the students participating in hands-on science activities. Each class, from Kindergarten to grade 8 participated in an activity related to their respective grade‚??s science curriculum.



The Sadochok students explored the question “Is this glass full?”.


The Kindergarten class (on Friday, April 13) worked with primary and secondary colours.

Grade 1

The grade 1 students identified living and non-living things in the environment. Later in the unit they will explore the habitats of living things.

Grade 2

The grade 2 students designed and built toy cars to travel down a ramp for the Science unit called Position and Motion.

Grade 3

The grade 3 students worked with magnets. Students explored the push and pull of various objects. Each object represented an attraction or a repelling.¬†Centers were set up in the classroom for students to predict, identify and conclude which type of force was present. Students also determined the necessary “strength/power” required for an object to move.

Grade 4

The grade 4 students investigated, tested, and compared the physical properties of rocks and minerals.

Grade 5

The grade 5 class studied forces and simple machines in Science. They were challenged to make their own castles with a drawbridge that works with a pulley system. The drawbridge had to be able to be raised and lowered using pulleys. They worked in small groups to build their bridges and castles.

Grade 6

In grade 6 the students had a guest visiting them. Mr. Peter Capar (parent volunteer) came to instruct the students in making their own electrical circuit with a switch to light up an LED light. This is in conjunction with their Electrical unit in Science.

Grade 7

The grade 7 students designed and constructed an insulated container to keep water hot for as long as possible.

Grade 8

The grade 8 students determined the density of a number of different objects. As well, they explored:

– some famous scientists

– megafauna of North America

Рthe Krakatoa eruption 

– a “Phylo” genetic sequencing game.