School Enrichment Program

The IHMS Enrichment program is in full swing this year.

In late September and all of October, the students across the school were able to participate in some interesting school projects.

In grade 7, the students learn about Longitude and Latitude, as well as GPS and GIS technology in Social Studies. To hit this concept home and to provide a hands on understanding of these topics, the Grade 7 students went on a Geocaching hike in Bird’s Hill Park. It spanned about 3.5 kilometres and the students traversed the forests and hills looking for hidden caches of treasure along the way.




The Grade 2, 3 and 4 students participated in a program called “Destination Imagination” where they use their creativity to build structures out of seemingly random household objects. The idea behind this project is to have the students use their imaginations and creativity to complete tasks using those structures.