Mrs. Stanowych Honoured for 25 Years of Service at IHMS

Mrs. O. Stanowych is the school’s Ukrainian and Music teacher


Mrs. O. Stanowych, the school’s talented Ukrainian and Music teacher, was honoured at the June 23rd graduation liturgy for 25 years of dedicated service at IHMS (unfortunately, a mistake was made – Mrs. Stanowych has actually taught at IHMS for 26 years). After Mr. Picklyk made the announcement during liturgy, Sr. Anne Pidskalny, the school’s director, presented Mrs. Stanowych with a bouquet of roses and a wristwatch on behalf of the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate and the IHM School Board.


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 Mrs. Stanowych was honoured at the Graduation Liturgy on June 23rd


Mrs. Stanowych first came to IHMS in September 1986 as the grade 6 classroom teacher to replace the departing Mr. G. Kohuch. Two years later, in 1988, she switched grades and became the grade 4 classroom teacher for the next four years.


During the 1992-93 school year, Mrs. Stanowych took a leave of absence to spend a year living in Ukraine. She returned the following year to begin a new position as the school’s Ukrainian teacher, a job she was extremely well qualified to teach! Within a few years, she was teaching both Ukrainian and Music, the two subjects she has continued to teach as a model of professionalism until the present.


Mrs. Stanowych is the 8th member of the current IHMS staff to achieve this milestone of 25 years of faithful service. Most of these 8 staff members have over 30 years of teaching experience at IHMS.