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Mr. Werbovetski, a representative from the Knights of Columbus, St. Josephat #4138, poses with the winners of this year’s “Keep Christ in Christmas” colouring contest


On Friday, May 4th, the students and staff of IHMS gathered in the gym for opening exercises (ordinarily, students remain in their classrooms while Mr. Picklyk conducts opening exercises over the intercom). After the students sang “O Canada” and recited the morning prayer, Mr. Picklyk introduced Mr. I. Werbovetski, a representative from the Knights of Columbus (Ukrainian Knights of Columbus, St. Josephat #4138).


Mr. Werbovetski’s purpose for visiting our school was to present prizes at each grade level to the winners of the “Keep Christ in Christmas” colouring contest from a few months ago. Prizes were awarded to students from Kindergarten all the way to grade 8.


At the end of the presentation, the winning students posed with Mr. Werbovetski for a group photo.


Another photo of the winners of the “Keep Christ in Christmas” colouring contest




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