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Fly   pastedGraphic.pngalloween is an exciting time for kids because it means “trick or treating” and lots of free candy. FlyWhat makes it even more exciting for kids (and a lot of adults) is that it also means dressing up in costume for the occasion. FlyIn fact, some IHMS Flyteachers are just as excited as the students to wear a costume to school on Halloween.Fly And why not? FlyMost people like the ideaFly of changing their persona Flyonce a year with a creative Halloween costume.                                                    Fly              Fly graphics-bats-247283tombstoneFly


A few simple but very effective costumes
 FlypastedGraphic.pngalloween fell on a Wednesday this year, so IHMS celebrated Wednesday, October 31, 2018 with a N.U.T. day (“No Uniform Today”). Everyone was encouraged to attend school dressed in costume, and the more colourful and creative the outfit, the better!​


Students wearing some very colourful costumes
FlypastedGraphic_1.pngtudents were free to wear almost anything they wanted as long as it didn’t portray anything scary, evil, or inappropriate. FlyAnyone who either had a scary costume or who preferred not to wear a costume at all were asked to at least dress in orange and black. FlyNone of the students did this because everyone already had a costume ready for trick or treating that evening.Fly FlyFly


Students wearing their costumes outside in the playground before the beginning of the school day
                    Fly                                                                                Fly
FlypastedGraphic_1.pngome of the costumes were purchased from stores, but a lot were apparently home-made. IHMS has some very creative parents because the home-made costumes were by far funnier and more creative than the store bought costumes, and it was obvious that a lot of effort went into their design and manufacture.Fly
My mom made this


A few examples of very creative food-themed costumes


Flyince everyone was eager to show off their outfits, it’s been a yearly tradition at IHMS for students to parade their Halloween costumes in front of everyone else in the school. This is done in the form of a procession through each of the classes from Kindergarten all the way up to grade 8. In this way, everyone in the school can show off what they have, and at the same time they can see what everyone else is wearing.     Fly                                                     
animated-bat1animated-bat1Look at me!


Students parading through the classrooms in their Halloween costumes


FlypastedGraphic_2.pnghe procession began with Mrs. Paulic and her Kindergarten students parading through the grade 1 classroom. As both grades checked each other out, the grade 1’s followed the Kindergarten students into the grade 2 classroom. The grade 2’s then followed the line into the grade 3 classroom, and so on. This continued all the way to the grade 8 classroom, and finally back down into the gym where everyone gathered for a short assembly.Fly
Students were eager to show off their costumes

The student processed through the downstairs hallway, up the front stairs, through the upstairs hallway, and then back down to the gym


Flyhe assembly was relatively brief this year – students didn’t participate in the usual “gym extravaganza” of Halloween activities as in past years. Instead, Mr. Picklyk spoke for a few minutes about the different types of costumes, Anton A, the student council president, told a few Halloween jokes, and the students watched a short Halloween safety video.Fly


Mr, Picklyk (top photo) and Anton A. (bottom photo)


Flyhe assembly ended with Mr. Picklyk choosing a few students from the higher grades to perform a short improvised skit on an old Ukrainian tradition. It turns out that an eligible young lady can turn down a marriage proposal by giving her would-be suitor … a pumpkin! By giving the young man a pumpkin, the girl is saying: “No thank you. I think I can do better”.So, parents with attractive daughters of marrying age usually make sure they have plenty of pumpkins on hand!Fly


Students participating in a skit about a Ukrainian tradition. The tradition involves a pumpkin and a denied marriage proposal.


Flyhe students were then dismissed back to their classrooms. Before leaving, they were told that the grade 8’s would be visiting each classroom with a variety of Halloween activities for them to play. As the students left the gym, they were given a small bag of potato chips to have later in the day during their recess break.Fly.



Students in the gym during the Halloween assembly
FlypastedGraphic_3.pngnother Halloween tradition at IHMS is for the staff to dress up in identical costumes. This has been a tradition for the past 25 years, and was never planned to continue beyond the first year. But the idea became like the Energizer Bunny – it just kept on going, and going, and going. Fly
25 years, baby!


Some of the teachers in the gym during the assembly wearing identical costumes 
        Fly                                                                Fly
Flyor this 25th anniversary year, the staff dressed up as characters from the animated Pixar movie “The Incredibles”. This information, which rivalled the “Manhatten Project” in its secrecy, was not revealed to the students until staff members wore their costumes to school on October 31st. Most staff members wore black pants and a red shirt with an “Incredibles” logo attached to their shirt. Some staff members also wore a small black face mask. Some wore even more!Fly Fly


Mrs. Wozny, the school’s new administrative assistant, gave every staff member a colour printout of the logo for “The Incredibles”. This made it much easier to assemble an outfit and created some consistency in the staff costumes.
graphics-bats-247283The staff of IHMS chose the Pixar animated movie FlyThe IncrediblesFly as the theme for this year’s Halloween costume. Most staff members wore black pants and a red t-shirt with the logo attached to their shirt. Several staff members wore a face mask and a few wore red pants rather than black, which is the more accurate representation of the characters in the movie. Click on either of the bottom two group photos to view in a larger format.Fly


Matthew S., a grade 2 student, had the same costume idea as the teachers!


Flylettersn order to encourage healthier eating habits, Halloween has been declared a “candy free” day at IHMS (there will be plenty of candy later that evening). Families who wanted to share a fun treat on Halloween were asked to only bring an inexpensive toy … NO CANDY! FlyCapish?Fly Flynocandyihms
Fly Fly


The same skeleton guy outside in the morning and later on inside the school


Flyhe students had a lot of fun coming to school dressed up for Halloween. It gave them the opportunity to wear their costume twice – once during the day and again later that evening. There are a few other N.U.T. days spread throughout the school year, but most students agree that Halloween is the N.U.T. day they enjoy the most.Fly


graphics-bats-247283 graphics-bats-247283

 Fly In order to raise money for their current humanitarian project, the school’s SMAC team set up a “Haunted House” in the Resource and Art rooms on Halloween. Admission was $2.00 per student, and the Haunted House was set up to thrill and excite customers with various “fun scary” items.


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