Grade 6 Robo-Critters

As part of their Science curriculum, the grade 6 students spent the last week learning about robotics.

IMG_5522      IMG_5516

To try and hit this subject home, Mrs. Wdowiak, Mr. Fil and many dedicated parent volunteers teach and help the students in building their own robots. These Robo-Critters are remote controlled and the students race them over several days in various classrooms.


The six finalists raced in the gym in a massive course but only one student could reign as the IHMS Robo-Critter Race Champion of 2014.


The 3rd place prize went to Mark Dudych.



The 2nd place prize went to Eldric Abanto.



The 1st place winner was James Lee.


Congratulations to our winners and all the students in Grade 6 for their hard work!