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Mrs. Halayda asked her grade 4 students to create a special poster for Father‚??s Day. After the posters were made, each student was photographed holding the poster, and the photo was then inserted into a specially decorated card. The students then presented the card to their fathers for Father‚??s Day!


 Ashlynn A.



 Kelby A.



 James B.



 Myles C.



Anabel C.



 Bailey D.



 Suhavi D.



 Marjorie D.



 Dominic J.



Nadia M.



Roman M.



Cayleigh R.



Tessa R.



Ashley S.



Abby S.



Jordan S.



Eryn S.



Danylo S.



Emma S.



Serhiy S.



Zorian T.





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