Girl’s Volleyball

IHMS had 2 girl‚??s volleyball teams for the 2012 season:

  • An ‚??A‚?Ě team made up of older and more experienced players. This team was coached by Mr. Dedio.
  • A developmental ‚??B‚?Ě team which was coached by parent volunteer Mr. Tokariwski.

Both teams ended the volleyball season with excellent records. Thank you to Mr. Dedio and Mr. Tokariwski for all the time and effort they put into their coaching duties.

The players on the girl‚??s ‚??A‚?Ě team were: Bhavana Garg, Kaitlyn¬†Hanson, Breanna Hlady, Lily¬†McCarvill, Illeana Fawcett,¬†Maddalena Jacobson,¬†Jeanny Villordon, Marysa¬†Fosty, Veeta Zakrevsky,¬†and Camryn Hannesson.

The ‚??A‚?Ě team ended their regular season play in third place – they won 6 of their 8 games.¬† In addition to regular season play, the girl’s also entered the annual St. Mary‚??s tournament where they played well but unfortunately did not place.

During playoff action, the girl‚??s ‚??A‚?Ě team lost their semi-final match against Holy Ghost School, but rallied the next day to finish third overall in the MCSAA Volleyball League by winning an impressive victory against the St. Alphonsus Hurricanes. Well done, girls!.

The girl‚??s ‚??B‚?Ě team, a developmental team which will form the core of next year‚??s ‚??A‚?Ě team, also ended their season with a great record – they were undefeated in regular season play!

The players on the girl‚??s ‚??B‚?Ě team were: Kylie T., Kendra S., Samarah F., Taylor D., Tiana W., Marta T., Gillian M., Nicole M., Catherine W., Olivia W., Antonette C., and Rachel Ann P.

In addition to regular season games, they entered and won the IHMS tournament where they played just for fun and to gain additional tournament experience.

Excellent work, girls! The experience you gain this year will serve you well if you make the ‚??A‚?Ě squad next year.