Girl’s Volleyball

IHMS had two girl’s volleyball teams for the 2019 season – a competitive team and a developmental team.

  • A competitive team made up of older and more experienced players. This team was coached by Mr. Dedio.
  • A developmental team made up of less experienced students from grade 6 and 7. This team was coached by  Ms. DePiero.

 The Competitive Team

The players on the Competitive team were:

Hanna B., Eknoor D., Khushleen D., Emily A., Kaleigh B-V., Kyla K., Olivia N., Laura S., Kristen S., Julia T., and Guneet B.


The girl’s competitive team played 8 games during the regular season, winning 5 and losing only 3 games.

They entered one tournament at Westgate where they won 2 games, and ended up in 4th place overall.


 The Developmental Team

The players on the developmental team were all grade 6 girls:

Aimee A., Aleeza A-D., Rittan B., Gracie C., Molly C., Yulia H., Katerina S., Arianna B., Anant D., Jamie K., Julia K., and Paige M.


The girl’s developmental team won every single game they played all year. and finished the season undefeated!


In the Catholic School League, the top ranked competitive team receives a pennant at the end of the volleyball season, while the top ranked developmental team does not. To make up for this oversight, the girls on Mrs DiPiero’s team created their own homemade banner to celebrate their season and to thank their coach, Mrs DiPiero.


In addition to the regular season games, Mrs. DiPiero entered her girls in a tournament at St. Alphonsus School. Not only did the girls win every single game at the tournament – they won every single set, completely dominating all the other teams.


Keep in mind that the developmental team gained a lot of valuable experience this season, and will continue to improve over time. Many of these girls are likely to form the basis of a formidable competitive team with Coach Dedio next year.