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IHMS had two boy’s volleyball teams for the 2019 season:

  • A competitive team made up of older and more experienced players. This team was coached by Mr. Picklyk and Mrs. Rewniak.
  • A developmental team which was coached by Miss Bacon and Mr. Rogelio. Most of the players on the developmental team will make up next year’s competitive team.

The Competitive Team

The players on the competitive team were:

Conor R., Inderjeet B., Yovan J., Sanman S., Julian B., Bohdan D., Nicholas M., Jordan S., Maksym S., and Lukas Z.


The boy’s competitive team ended their season as the MCSAA champions! They were undefeated during regular season play, winning all 8 of their scheduled games.
They also entered the St. Paul’s Tournament, where they finished second overall after losing the final game to Holy Ghost School.

During the league playoffs at the end of the season, the boys were “Tier 1” champions and brought home a first place pennant. Well done, boys!


The IHMS boys competitive team came home with a “Tier 1” championship pennant.



The Developmental Team

The players on the developmental team were:

Nazar B., Sean D., Dennis D., Justin F., Joseph N-F., Sirak A., Lukyan B., Ryker F., Isaiah J., Marko K., Carson R., Jordan S., and Bereketeab T.

th The boy’s developmental team won 3 of the 8 games they played during the regular season. They didn’t enter any tournaments. There are no playoff games at the developmental level – they only play to gain experience for next year. Next year, many of these players will form the nucleus of a great competitive team!


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