Boys Basketball

For the 2019 season, IHMS had two boy’s basketball teams:

  • A more experienced “A” team coached by Coach Martin.
  • A developmental or “B” team, coached by Miss Rowe and Miss Bacon, with IHMS alumni Abby S. volunteering as assistant coach.

The Boy’s “A” Team

The players on the boy’s “A” team consisted of a mixture of grade 6, 7 and 8 students. They were: Sean D., Inder B. Yovan J., Darius M., Conor R., Anton A., Stefan D., Daniel L., Daniel T., and Nicholas W.


During regular season action, the boy’s A team played 9 games, winning 5 of those games and losing 4.
They entered one tournament, the St. Paul’s Tournament, where they won the first game, but lost the second, knocking them out of the tournament.

During the basketball playoffs at the end of the season, the boys won their first two games against St. Emile and St. Charles. After moving on to the semi-finals, they played against and lost to Holy Cross, the number 1 ranked team in the league. They played one last game against St. Gerard and lost, ending the season in 4th place overall.


The Boy’s Developmental Team

The players on the boy’s developmental team were: Nazar B., Dennis D., Justin F., Nicholas M., Joseph N-F., Jordan S., Maksym S., Lukas Z., and Maksym P. 


  The boys “B” team finished their season undefeated!


The boys played approximately 8 games during the regular season and won all of them! They also entered a tournament hosted by IHMS where they played against several other schools, and won every game, placing them first overall.
There are no rankings for developmental teams in the Manitoba Catholic Schools Athletic Association (they play for fun and experience), but overall the boy’s “B” team picked up a lot of valuable experience for next year while ending the 2019 season with a perfect record! Well done, boys!


The undefeated boy’s developmental team posing with one of their coaches, Miss Rowe, and assistant coach Abby S. The team’s other coach, Miss Bacon, is not in the above photo.


It should be noted that Miss Bacon also coached the boy’s developmental volleyball team earlier in the school year – and they finished their season undefeated. This means Miss Bacon has a perfect record of zero losses in regular season play in both volleyball and basketball. 

If that wasn’t impressive enough, Miss Bacon also coached last year’s undefeated girl’s developmental basketball team!


Miss Bacon’s coaching record at IHMS:

  • Basketball: 2019 boy’s developmental team – undefeated!
  • Volleyball: 2018 boy’s developmental team – undefeated!
  • Basketball: 2018 girl’s developmental team – undefeated!